Our Team


Pauly Kostora | Lead Dog Trainer/Behavioral Specialist 

Pauly officially founded this company while he lived in New York City in 2017, though he had unofficially been training dogs for more than a decade and a half before. He decided to turn something he loved and was good at into his full-time passion.

Pauly takes pride in his work and is dedicated to bringing our clients the best and most professional services our team of trainers and behavioral specialist can offer. Most important is our belief that with love, repetition, and socialization, all dogs can go on to live happy and healthy lives.



Jacqueline Weyn | Dog Trainer/Behavioral Specialist

Jackie is a certified Veterinary Assistant and specializes in obedience training, working with a diverse assortment of breeds and skill sets. Her mission is to educate animals and their owners with innovative training techniques and communications.

Growing up influenced around ranch life, she loves animals big and small.
With years of experience training and working with dogs, she is dedicated to pursuing her passions
professionally. Equipped with a love for animals and excitement to train them, Jackie is talented and integral member of our team!

Vanessa Nguyen | Dog Trainer/Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Vanessa has years of experience working with a multitude of different pets and animals. From dogs, to parrots, to sugar gliders! Vanessa is passionate about helping people create a bond with their companions and making sure your pets are happy and healthy while you are out of town.

Starting out as a dedicated intern, she has become a skilled dog trainer and is our go to for pet sitting and dog walking. She also works as a groomer! There is no doubt that Vanessa would be a perfect choice for your pet sitting and dog walking needs!