Behavioral Modification

There is a saying. “Everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world. And it’s true.” But then there is another saying. “Nobody’s perfect.”

Just like humans, dogs have their issues. Aggression, anxiety, separation anxiety, excessive barking and fear are just some of the issues we can help your pup overcome. There are an assortment of different tactics that can help with whatever the problem may be, and our experienced behavioral specialist and trainers can help. Remember, it is always best to work these behaviors out before they grow into a larger problem.

Meet and greet is free in Albuquerque metro area. There is a $15 travel fee for meet and greets beyond 15 miles from Downtown Albuquerque. 

Prices  (Tax not included.) Add $5 travel fee for every ten miles to and from Downtown Albuquerque.

10% discounts for military and public service, i.e. teachers, police, nurses, paramedics, etc. 5% discount for students!

  • One Session | Behavioral Assessment $200 

Just want an opinion on whether or not your pup is experiencing an issue? Is a court, landlord, or work place requiring your pup be assessed by a trainer? We can help.

  • Three Session Package $570 

Good for diagnosing and treating mild anxiety, fear, and aggression issues.

  • Five Session Package $950

Good for diagnosing and treating moderate anxiety, fear, and aggression issues. Also recommended for mild to moderate separation anxiety issues.  

  • Eight Session Package $1520

Good for diagnosing and treating moderate to severe anxiety, fear, and aggression issues. Recommended for moderate to severe separation anxiety issues.  

  • $55 per Session After Eight Sessions!

Have more than one dog that will be needing modification? Second dog is half price. Each other dog will include a $100 fee. This includes any dog who will require assessment, diagnosis, and modification.

All Alumni from my training programs receive free coaching, product discounts from my partners, discounts on my other services for your pups lifetime!

I use an assortment of different philosophies and styles while keeping with my basic methodology that all dogs respond to LOVE, SOCIALIZATION, & REPETITION. This has given me the ability to work with all sorts of pups with solid results! I cant wait to meet you and your pup.


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