Pauly Kostora K-9 Services Dog Training Programs
Puppy Training
Oooh gosh, puppies! What’s not to love? And congrats on finding your newest family member! Now comes the hard part. With all that cuteness can come an equal amount of terror. But don’t fret, there are  manageable solutions, and I can help. This program is recommended for puppies two weeks to five months old.
Private Dog Training

From basic obedience to off leash training, my Dog Training Program is definitely what you are looking for. How can I say that? Well, I work with you and your pup to find what is needed and what is not. Also, you and your pup get all the benefits of our Alumni services like lifetime coaching, discounts on other services, and free group practice sessions! Recommended for dogs over the age of five months. Click the button to learn more!

Specialized Dog Training
Your pup is already pretty trained up. Now it’s time to help them reach their fullest potential! From agility training to getting your dog trained as a Service or a Therapy Dog, I can help! Click the button to learn more!

Behavioral Modification

Aggression towards people and other dogs, separation anxiety, excessive barking or even urinating in your roommate’s bed. These are all things that I can help your pup overcome. This program is designed for specific issues and does not include a full training work up. Click the button to learn more!