Our Methodology

Our core methodology is that all dogs require love, repetition, and socialization to reach their full potential. This gives our trainers and behavioral specialist a clear path to diagnosing whatever issues and challenges that your dog may face and to develop a solid plan that utilizes humane and proven philosophies/techniques from all over the board.

We do not stick to just one technique and hope it works. We find what works best for our client and their dog(s). Our trainers and behavioral specialist are routinely updated on available science that pertains to dog training and behavior and are encouraged to keep an open mind as each dog is unique and has its own personality.

We do not use tools such as Choke/Prong/E-collars.  We prefer alternatives such as front range harnesses. For aggression cases we will require a muzzle. This is only for the protection of our staff and other dogs. Please feel free to ask for more info on this policy.

Overall, building a solid conduit for communication between our client and their pup is our biggest goal. We believe that dogs want nothing more than to be there for you as their companion. We give you the ability to create that bond. And what you put into it is what you will get out of it. Training is just the first step, but easily one of the most important. We look forward to working with you and your pup!