Puppy Manners Program

Puppies! First of all, congrats on your new puppy! As I am sure you may have already realized, puppies take a lot of attention and can be very frustrating. Thats why we created our Puppy Manners Program. This will help you prepare for and work forward with all the challanges that you and you puppy will adorably face.


ūüźē¬† Puppy Nipping & Biting

ūüźē¬† Potty Training

ūüźē¬† Chewing & Excessive Barking

ūüźē¬† Puppy Proofing Your House

Meet and greet is free in Albuquerque metro area. There is a $15 travel fee for meet and greets beyond 15 miles from Downtown Albuquerque. 

Prices  (Tax not included.) Add $5 travel fee for every ten miles to and from Downtown Albuquerque.

10% discounts for military and public service, i.e. teachers, police, nurses, paramedics, etc. 5%discount for students!

  • One Session $95

Good for the very basics. We will help you get your house puppy proof and give you all the basic know-hows of puppy raising. 

  • Three Session Package $275

Everything listed above as well as a soft start on basic obedience training. Also recommended for puppies that might have need a little extra know-how. 

  • 10% Discount on Basic Obedience training after Three Session Puppy Manners Package if you continue training with us!

Have more than one puppy? Each other puppy is half price!

All Alumni from my training programs receive free coaching, product discounts from my partners, discounts on my other services for your pups lifetime!

We use an assortment of different philosophies and styles while keeping with my basic methodology that all dogs respond to LOVE, SOLCIALIZATION, & REPITITION. This has given us the ability to work with all sorts of pups with solid results! We cant wait to meet you and your pup.

Call (505) 440-0967 or click on the button below to get a free consultation and get your puppy started on becoming a educated and well trained pup!