Specialized Dog Training Programs
Agility Training
Agility Training is perfect for pups with a lot of energy and focus. My program gives you and your pup solid techniques to get you going towards a great career, or just for fun. Recommended for dogs who have completed a full obedience training and have demonstrated potential for agility activities. Click the button to get a free consultation!


Therapy Dog Training

Dose your pup display a natural kindness towards their human counterparts? Or as some of us like to call it, “a fluff ball of love.” This program is designed to help you and your pup get prepared for the awesome career of dog therapy. Often used to help patients in hospitals, or to give comfort to people suffering disaster or loss, therapy dogs are just amazing. Though full obedience training is not a requirement, this program is recommended for dogs that display good and gentle behavior in public. After completing the program, your dog will be issued a certificate of completion. Click the button to get a free consultation.

Service Dog Training Program
This is a very committed program that takes months or even more. Each dog that goes into this program must demonstrate an assortment of different attributes and have a very specific demeanor. If that is something you feel like your pup is ready for then our program might be right for you. Service Dogs are a very important part of our society. Helping people with disabilities ranging form immobilization to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This training is designed to meet the specific needs of the client or potential client. Though there is no true certification for a service dog, there is a standard that must be met. This program helps dogs achieve this standard and helps place them with people who are truly in need. If you just want to take your dog on an airplane we recommend that you enroll in our Private Dog Training Program. Click the button for a free consultation. Note: This is a long term and specialized program that starts with an evaluation and can be costly.