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We worked with Pauly on our dog’s disobedience issues and it has made a world of difference. Our dog, Cheddar, used to be the boss – but now he knows that we’re in charge and is very focused and attentive. He knows how to stay, fight distractions, and best of all no longer pulls on his leash. Working with Pauly was a breeze – he taught us as much as he taught Cheddar and gave us all of the tools we needed to continue the training ourselves after Pauly was done. Highly recommend Pauly to everyone and their pups!!
Melanie Niklas

Working with Pauly was a delight. Our sessions were very informative and low-key. He was very accommodating of my schedule and my two dogs and was able to seamlessly flow between the two – one being a loving puppy and one being an intact male of 5 years. We are more confident as a family because of our work with Pauly.
Also Zephyr is one of the best dogs I have ever met. If you want to see what is possible through hard work with Pauly, get to know his dog.
Louise Browning

Pauly’s training was a lifesaver.  I adopted a 3 yr old rescue who had abandonment issues and was very nervous every time I left the house.  My dog would bark and howl for hours whenever it was left alone and it could not be in more than a few feet away from me. 

After the first session, I could already see improvement with my dog.  Pauly taught me how to walk the dog differently, how to create a master/dog relationship so he knew who the “pack leader” was, and showed me how to properly reward the dog for good behavior. Pauly did an amazing job of observing my dog, diagnosing what his core issues were, and implementing simple techniques to repeat and reinforce good behavior. 

After 4 sessions, my dog’s transition has been night and day… My dog is calm, will sit and stay indoors and outdoors, doesn’t bark when I leave the apartment, and is a happy good boy! I absolutely recommend Pauly to anyone with a pup who could use some help.

Pablo Derosas

Pauly is legit good at dog training. We worked with Pauly for our dog Milhouse. Milhouse had some issues barking at the door, nipping at feet, and being overly aggressive when encountering other dogs on the street when on leash. During the consultation Pauly noticed Milhouse’s body language indicated anxiety that he was over compensation for by being aggressive. His diagnosis was to work on structure with Milhouse with things like “stay”, “come”, “lay down” and “heel”. Training with Pauly is 90% for you to learn how to train your dog long term, so you will get out of it what you put into it. We worked with Pauly for 6 sessions for around 1-2hrs each and during his Sunday Mccarran Park hours. In the next few months after Milhouse gets more accustom to the beginner training, we will absolutely be working with Pauly for advanced work! Call Pauly!

Peter K.

Pauly is a miracle worker! My dog, Leo a 10lbs Morkie, is 7 years old and had control over me until we met Pauly.  I didn’t know how to get him to stop barking when he would hear any unusual noise.  He also suffered from a bit of anxiety.  I can see vast improvements after just 2 sessions.  My roommate cannot believe it and is so happy I hired Pauly.  Highly recommend!

Lindsey T.

Pauly is great with dogs! He quickly assesses a situation and knows what a dog needs. He worked with our two dogs and in just four short sessions we saw vast improvements with their anxiety and our ability to communicate with them.

Chris S.

Pauly was great. He was very knowledgeable about the source of the problems and all of the ways we can help our pup improve. Our dog no longer pulls on the leash, he sits and focuses a lot better and he is far more obedient than he was before. Pauly was flexible and took a personalized approach to training which was just what we needed!
Sean Norton

Pauly was excellent! He was able to get my dog, Samson, to become more focused and relaxed during our walks and at home. He not only trained Samson, but he worked with me to understand how to train Samson myself. I would highly recommend Pauly for your training needs!
Sarah Chung